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Corrections for WOSSAC item ID:23689

Changes suggested here by you (IP address will be forwarded to the WOSSAC team for review. Please edit this form as required, adding any general comments you wish at the bottom of form, together with your contact details if you wish to correspond with us. Note that where appropriate, fields are shown with the MARC21 equivalent fields (see http://www.loc.gov/marc/).

Current value Correction
ISBN number [e.g. ISBN 0-905442-49-0] {MARC 020$a}
UDC class number
UDC class number [e.g. 631.41:626.8] {MARC 084$a}
Collection reference
Collection reference [e.g. 604PE_INDUS] - the internal item reference of sub-collections held in WOSSAC {MARC 084$a}
Item title {MARC 245$a}
Item subtitle {MARC 245$b}
Language(s) of item [e.g. En for English, Ar for Arabic etc.] {MARC 041$a}
Subject topics & keywords {MARC 650$a}
Series title
Series title {MARC 440$a}
Series section number
Series part/section number {MARC 440$n}
Series series name
Series part/section name {MARC 440$p}
Publication year
Date of publication (full year only) [e.g. 1966] {MARC 260$c}
Publisher name
Publication publishers name [e.g. An Foras Taluntais] {MARC 260$b}
Publication place
Publication publishers place [e.g. Dublin] {MARC 260$a}
Project sponsor
Original project sponsor [e.g. UNDP] {MARC 710$a}
Corporate author Series
Corporate author series [e.g. An Foras Taluntais] {MARC 110$a}
Personal author
Personal author [e.g. Smith, D] {MARC 100$a}
Material extent
The number of pages, volumes etc., of the described item {MARC 300$a}
Material characteristic
Other physical characteristics such as illustrative matter {MARC 300$b}
Material accompanying
Accompanying material, may include a parenthetical physical description of the accompanying material {MARC 300$e}
Material type
Type of unit, terms such as page, volumes, boxes, cu. ft., linear ft., etc. that identify the configuration of the material and how it is stored {MARC 300$f}
Summary abstract
Abstract description summary {MARC 520$a}
Country then
Country name when surveyed [e.g. Ceylon] {MARC 534$n}
Country now
Contemporary country name [e.g. Sri Lanka]c{MARC 043$a}
Contemporary region/province {MARC 052$b}
Major city
Nearest major city (if on map) [e.g. Mogadishu] {MARC 052$d}
Northermost Latitude
Northermost Latitude (decimal degrees) [e.g. 2] {MARC 034$f}
Southernmost Latitude
Southernmost Latitude (decimal degrees) [e.g. 1.5] {MARC 034$g}
Easternmost Longitude
Easternmost Longitude (decimal degrees) [e.g. 44.833] {MARC 034$e}
Westernmost Longitude
Westernmost Longitude (decimal degrees) [e.g. 44.4156] {MARC 034$d}
Northermost local coordinate
Northermost local coordinate
Southernmost local coordinate
Southernmost local coordinate
Easternmost local coordinate
Easternmost local coordinate
Westernmost local coordinate
Westernmost local coordinate
Local Spatial Referencing System
Map sheet
Map scale
Map scale (1:x) [e.g. 50000] (number only) {MARC 034$b}
Document URL
Filename of digital document or scanned file [e.g. 0001.pdf] {MARC 530$u}
Access terms
Comments on stated item access terms and conditions
General comments
Your comments on why this item requires updating
Contact details
Your contact details so we can correspond

Thank you for your assistance. Please submit the form when your edits are complete.

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