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Item 42187
UDC Class:631.471(676)
Title:A Provisional Soil Map of East Africa
Subtitle:Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, and Zanzibar with Expalanatory Memoir
Subjects:Soil Survey, Soil Mapping
Publication Date:1936
Publisher's Name:East African Agricultural Research Station,Amani
Place of Publication:London
Material Extent:34 Page Report
Material Characteristics:Printed Bound Report
Material Accompanying:Soil Map
Material Type:Perfect Bound
Country Then:Tanganyika
Country Now:Tanzania
Region:East Africa
Northernmost Latitude (decimal degrees):-0.5
Southernmost Latitude (decimal degrees):-12.3
Easternmost Longitude (decimal degrees):41
Westernmost Longitude (decimal degrees):28.3
Map Scale:2000000
Document File:  (152.27 Mb) 

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