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Item 530
UDC Class:631.4(624)
Title:Ecological Imbalance in the Republic of the Sudan - with Reference to Desertification in Darfur
Subtitle:Volume 6 - Northern Darfur
Subjects:Desertification, monitoring, climate, infrastructure, population, settlement, soil, vegetation classification, landuse, human ecology, plant species
Publication Date:1984
Publisher's Name:Druckhaus Bayreuth Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Place of Publication:University of Bayreuth, Germany
Project Sponsor:United Nations Sudan0-Sahellian Office (UNSO) et al.
Corporate Author:Professors of the Institute of Geo-Sciences, University of Bareuth
Author:Ibrahim, F.N.
Material Extent:215p
Material Characteristics:Paperback publication with photos, text maps and separate coloured maps, at 1:1,000,000 scale, of Hydrology, Geomorphology, Land Use and Desertification of Northern Darfur.
Material Type:Perfect bound
Summary Abstract:Multidisciplinary analysis, summary and presentation of the hazards of ecological imbalance in the Darfur region
Country Now:Sudan
Region:Northern Darfur
Nearest City:El Fasher
Northernmost Latitude (decimal degrees):16.4
Southernmost Latitude (decimal degrees):12
Easternmost Longitude (decimal degrees):27.55
Westernmost Longitude (decimal degrees):21.8
Map Scale:1000000
Document File:  (51.04 Mb) 

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