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Select the spatial globe search icon here, or select here, to use the WOSSAC Territory Mapping tool to see the location of all WOSSAC aquisitions holding a valid latitude and longitude. This tool allows you to select a territory of interest and then to see all the items for that location. Note that not all items have a location recorded and so the map shows only a subset of the catalogue, whereas the text searches provided above do search through the entire archive catalogue.

Holdings for individual countries and territories may still be inspected using the legacy mapping tool. Again, note the mapped items are a subset of all cataloguesd items.

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The search tool below undertakes a Google search across the entire Wossac website. This can be useful search tool as it is able to trawl through the scanned pdf and image files where they contain text or metadata.

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Basic instructions for searching the archive

Enter your search criteria in either the Simple or the Advanced catalogue search boxes. Search strings are not case sensitive. so 'SoIl' is the same as 'SOIL' and 'soil'. The search should return a set of records matching your criteria. You can then either 'drill down' into the record to see the details or commence another search. If you notice any errors or omissions, there is a linked page to report this to the WOSSAC team. A spatial map search is also provided to permit selecting items by geographical region. Alternatively, use the full site-wide search option above to search all items on the whole website.

Please also note that as our work progresses, items will be made visible via our LandIS metadata server soil portal.