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Item 41156
UDC Class:(678)
Collection reference:7159
Title:Reconnaissance Soil Map of the Lake Basin Development Authority Area, Western Kenya
Subtitle:Scale 1:250000, Legend and Rating Tables
Publication Date:1985
Corporate Author:Andriesse
Author:Van der Pouw
Material Characteristics:Book
Summary Abstract:Other metadata - Month: ; Data entry date: 01-Jan-02
Country Now:Kenya
Map Scale:250000

This item is held physically in the library of Booker Tate Limited, Masters Court, Church Road Thame, Oxfordshire, OX9 3FA, UK. Web Link. Tel: (44) 1844 251000 (switchboard). The item reference was provided to the WOSSAC archive by Mr Bob Merry of Booker Tate for inclusion in the WOSSAC catalogue. Please contact Booker Tate directly for further information on this item.

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