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Item 35003
UDC Class:631.47 (676.2)
Title:Soil Survey of the Songhor Area Kenya
Series Title:Survey of Kenya
Series Section Number:4786
Series Section Name:Sheets 117/1 & 103/3
Publication Date:1960
Publisher's Name:Government Printer, Nairobi
Place of Publication:Nairobi
Project Sponsor:Department of Agriculure, Kenya
Author:Thorp, J, Woodruff, G.A., Miller, R.T.
Material Extent:193 pp
Material Characteristics:Soil Survey Memoir
Material Accompanying:3 maps
Material Type:1:50,000 maps
Summary Abstract:Soil survey of the Songhor Area with three maps. Soils, Land Management, and Suitability for Sugar Cane.
Country Now:Kenya
Region:Central Nyanza
Map Scale:50000
Document File:   WOSSAC_35003.pdf  (43.85 Mb) 

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