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Item 25446
UDC Class:551.58 (676.2)
Title:Rainfall and Agroclimatology in the Laikipia Plateau, Kenya
Subjects:Agroclimatology, Rainfall, Crops, Crop Yield
Series Title:Geographica Bernensia
Series Section Number:A7
Series Section Name:African Studies Series
Publication Date:1989
Publisher's Name:Institute of Geography, Univertisy of Berne
Place of Publication:Berne, Switzerland
Author:Berger, P.
Material Extent:102pp plus 3 map sheets (1:500,000)
Material Type:Perfect bound
Summary Abstract:The aim of this study is to present and discuss the climatic setting within which small scale farming takes place. Given the semi-arid nature of much of the area under consideration, rainfall is the critical factor.
Country Now:Kenya
Map Scale:500000
Document File:   WOSSAC_25446.pdf  (13.33 Mb) 

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