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Item 25406
UDC Class:631.41 (935)
Title:Land Resources of the Solomon Islands
Subtitle:Volume 1 Introduction and recommendations
Subjects:Soil Survey, Land Classification, Land Resources
Series Title:Land Resources of the Solomon Islands
Series Section Number:Volume 1
Series Section Name:Land Resource Study 18
Publication Date:1976
Publisher's Name:Land Resources Division
Place of Publication:Land Resources Division, Surbiton, England
Project Sponsor:Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Overseas Development Administration (ODA)
Author:Hansell, J.R.F. et al.
Material Extent:163p Report, 2 in serts (A3), 7 map sheets
Material Characteristics:Typewritten report, figures and tables. Map sheets to rear
Material Type:Ring bound
Summary Abstract:The first in a collection of 8 volumes on the land resources of the Solomon Islands. This volume explains the objectives and methods and provides a general description of the physical geography, climate, soils, vegetation and agriculture of the country.
Country Now:Solomon Islands
Northernmost Latitude (decimal degrees):-4
Southernmost Latitude (decimal degrees):-12
Easternmost Longitude (decimal degrees):162.5
Westernmost Longitude (decimal degrees):156.5
Map Scale:1000000
Document File:   25406_Volume1_LRD_Solomon_Islands.pdf  (1.19 Mb) 

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