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Item 24491
UDC Class:631.473 (412)
Title:Soil map of Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedfordshire
Subtitle:Soil survey of the grounds of the National Institute of Agricultural Botany(NIAB), Silsoe, Bedfordshire. Accompanied by soil profile descriptions.
Publication Date:1945
Publisher's Name:Ministry of Works, Cambridge
Project Sponsor:Mr Stokes or Mr Miller at Wrest Park
Author:W.G.D. Walters
Material Extent:47cm x 33cm mapsheet folded
Material Accompanying:Loose sheets and cards
Summary Abstract:Soil survey of the Wrest Park grounds - unpublished. Marked "Cambridge District 2, Job No. 512, L.E.N. 16/6/1945". Accompanying sheets relate to surveys in Bedfordshire's King's Wood (Near Ampthill) and the Brickhills (villages nearby).
Country Now:England (UK)
Map Scale:63360
Document File:   24491.jpg  (0.87 Mb) 

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