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Item 2074
ISBN:0 85954 359 5
UDC Class:631.4 (676.2)
Title:Soil and water conservation in semi-arid Kenya
Subjects:Kenya, Resources, Agriculture, Soils, Water, Land use
Series Title:Bulletin
Series Section Name:61
Publication Date:1993
Publisher's Name:Natural Resources Instiutute
Place of Publication:Chatham, UK
Project Sponsor:UK Overseas Development Administration
Corporate Author:UK Overseas Development Administration
Author:Kiome R
Material Extent:63pp
Material Characteristics:2 B&W plates
Material Type:Printed, stapled report, 59 pp.
Summary Abstract:An overview of the problems of agriculture in semi-arid Kenya, and measures to combat them, and potential for water conservation.
Country Now:Kenya
Nearest City:Nairobi
Northernmost Latitude (decimal degrees):4.7999999999999998
Southernmost Latitude (decimal degrees):4.7999999999999998
Easternmost Longitude (decimal degrees):42.5
Westernmost Longitude (decimal degrees):34
Document File:   WOSSAC_2074.pdf  (16.09 Mb) 

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