World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue

Welcome to WOSSAC

Access models

Differing access methods apply for users of the WOSSAC archive; ‘whole territory or whole sector’ ‘pay as you go’ and ‘subscription’. Four user categories are identified and differing cost structures are applied to each of these. Note that determination of the user-category for any given application to the archive is at the ultimate discretion of the WOSSAC team. The categories are as follows:

  • Commercial users (e.g. environmental consultancies)
  • Government users (e.g. ministries, departments and agencies)
  • NGO users (e.g. Development Charities)
  • Bona fide personal researchers (e.g. University researchers or personal authors)

Costs are levied in order to ensure the future sustainability of the archive, but are made on a cost-recovery basis only. In the event of funding being obtained to support the development and upkeep of WOSSAC, these prices will be reviewed. WOSSAC is not a ‘lending library’. It is not WOSSAC policy that items held within the archive be removed physically from Cranfield’s facilities. This is to protect the integrity and organisation of the archive. To gain access to the archive materials, a request form must be completed which allows identification of usage conditions, costings and copyright implications.

To proceed to access WOSSAC, please see our contacts page. Please indicate your full contact details, your affiliation, the intended purpose of your usage of the materials sought and the article number(s) required. We will contact you to advise how to proceed.

If you are interested in conducting collaborative research utilising the WOSSAC materials, we would also be keen to discuss this.


Any charges that we might have to levy will be in British Pounds GBP / £ Sterling, exclude Vat where applicable and are subject to change.

Please contact us for quotations and for details of making payments.