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The World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue, or WOSSAC, Archive is one of the facilities of the Cranfield Soil and AgriFood Institute (CSAI), CSAI Institute, incorporating the former National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI), at Cranfield University, UK. CSAI is the largest UK national and international centre for research and development, consultancy and training in soils and their interaction with the atmosphere, land use, geology and water resources. CSAI is a well-established centre within the Cranfield Natural Resources Department in the School of Applied Science, leading Cranfield's research on soil. The WOSSAC collection contains soil-related materials accumulated over the many years of soils activity of CSAI and previously NSRI and, indeed, its predecessor organisations, the Soil Survey and Land Research Centre (SSLRC) and before that the Soil Survey of England and Wales (SSEW).

This website presents the public face of the WOSSAC archive, explaining the many unique holdings of the collection. Where possible we are making our materials available online in digitised form. If there are fees applicable for their access, then these are made on a cost-recovery basis only. The materials we hold are directly applicable to many contemporary development and environmental issues, including the UN Millennium Development Goals and whatever initiatives replace these post 2015, the monitoring of environmental changes, and the underpinning of research in Ecosystem Services.

The WOSSAC website was redeveloped to use the excellent MultiFlex-2 web template designed by G. Wolfgang.

The photo at the page top is from Malta, taken during the Cranfield project MALSIS, working together with the Government of Malta to develop a National Soil Information System in preparation for Malta's accession to the EU. The photo shows the Dingli cliffs, where terraced agriculture is practised on the characteristic 'terra rossa' red limestone soils.