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Apart from the uses of WOSSAC materials exemplified here, WOSSAC has also formed the subject of several Postgraduate research projects at Cranfield University. Links to relevant Masters degree theses are provided below:

Buhari, U. (2014) Sugar Cane Modelling Using GIS and Remote Sensing Techniques . MSc Thesis, Cranfield University, 2014.71pp.

Okude, A. S. (2013) Estimating cultivation area of Côte d’Ivoire based on the stratification of remote sensing imagery. MSc Thesis, Cranfield University, 2013.69pp.  Poster

Algasim, Mohammed. (2009) Development of a Spatial Data Validation Toolkit for Map Archive Catalogues

Owonibi, Michael. (2007) The Development of a Prototype Soils Archive Information System to Publish World Soil Data and Metadata (WOSSAC) Holdings, Using Proprietary and Open (Public) Standards

Alias, Guillermo. (2006) Investigation into the use of the Google Earth mapping platform for presenting a World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue (WOSSAC)

Koyanagi, Yuki. (2005) Proposal for a new metadata schema for world soils survey archive and catalogue (WOSSAC)

Hunt, James. (2003) Design of the World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue (WOSSAC).

Further research projects are planned for the future.