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Metadata standards

Descriptive catalogue tags

To document and catalogue the items in WOSSAC, various standards are adhered to, for consistency within the archive, and for interoperability with wider archiving initiatives. The catalogue metadata schema is based upon the internationally-recognised Machine Readable Cataloguing (MARC) standard MARC21. This system allows for documents and artifacts to be recorded using a series of structured metadata tags, optimized for storage and retrieval of documentary records. Spatial data within the archive is described using standards based upon the UK Locations Data.gov.uk standard. Derived from the ISO19115 standard, this defines an element set for describing geo-spatial discovery-level metadata, consistent with the principles of the EU INSPIRE Directive, 2007/2/EC.

The specific metadata schema adopted is as follows:

Field Completion advice
Item ID Unique item identifier - UID
ISBN ISBN number [e.g. ISBN 0-905442-49-0] {MARC 020$a}
UDC class number UDC class number [e.g. 631.41:626.8] {MARC 084$a}
Collection Reference Collection reference [e.g. 604PE_INDUS] - the internal item reference of sub-collections held in WOSSAC {MARC 084$a}
Title Item Title {MARC 245$a}
Subtitle Item Subtitle {MARC 245$b}
Language Language(s) of item [e.g. En for English, Ar for Arabic etc.] {MARC 041$a}
Subjects Subject topics & keywords {MARC 650$a}
Series Title Series title {MARC 440$a}
Series Section No. Series part/section number {MARC 440$n}
Series Series Name Series part/section name {MARC 440$p}
Publication Year Publication created (full year only) [e.g. 1966] {MARC 260$c}
Publisher Name Publication publishers name [e.g. An Foras Taluntais] {MARC 260$b}
Publication Place Publication publishers place [e.g. Dublin] {MARC 260$a}
Project Sponsor Original project sponsor [e.g. UNDP] {MARC 710$a}
Corporate Author Series Corporate author series [e.g. An Foras Taluntais] {MARC 110$a}
Personal Author Personal author [e.g. Smith, D] {MARC 100$a}
Material Extent The number of pages, volumes etc., of the described item {MARC 300$a}
Material Characteristic Other physical characteristics such as illustrative matter {MARC 300$b}
Material Accompanying Accompanying material, may include a parenthetical physical description of the accompanying material {MARC 300$e}
Material Type Type of unit, terms such as page, volumes, boxes, cu. ft., linear ft., etc. that identify the configuration of the material and how it is stored {MARC 300$f}
Summary Abstract Abstract description summary {MARC 520$a}
Country Then Country name when surveyed [e.g. Ceylon] {MARC 534$n}
Country Now Contemporary country name [e.g. Sri Lanka] {MARC 043$a}
Region Contemporary region/province {MARC 052$b}
Major City Nearest major city (if on map) [e.g. Mogadishu] {MARC 052$d}
Northermost Latitude Northermost Latitude (decimal degrees) [e.g. 2] {MARC 034$f}
Southernmost Latitude Southernmost Latitude (decimal degrees) [e.g. 1.5] {MARC 034$g}
Easternmost Longitude Easternmost Longitude (decimal degrees) [e.g. 44.833] {MARC 034$e}
Westernmost Longitude Westernmost Longitude (decimal degrees) [e.g. 44.4156] {MARC 034$d}
Map Scale Map Scale (1:x) [e.g. 50000] {MARC 034$b}
PDF URL Filename of PDF scanned file [e.g. 0001.pdf] {MARC 530$u}
Access Terms Comments on stated item access terms

Note that some of these elements are catalogue database fields not revealed on the website.

Another popular archive standard format is the Dublin Core Metadata Element Set (DCMES). This is a very simple descriptive metadata schema, designed to support the discovery of resources from across a range of domains. It defines fifteen elements to support simple cross-domain resource discovery:

The mapping of the WOSSAC schema to DCMES in its simple/unqualified form is as follows:

DCMES Element WOSSAC Element Mapping
Title Title + Subtitle
Creator Corporate Author Series + Personal Author
Subject Subjects
Description Summary Abstract
Publisher Publisher name
Contributor Aquisition Source
Date Publication year
Type Material type
Format Material extent
Identifier ISBN
Source http://www.wossac.com
Language Language
Relation Item Id
Coverage Region + Major City + lat/lon
Rights Access terms

Note that some of these elements are catalogue database fields not revealed on the website. Others are shown in composite in the unqualified form.