World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue

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WOSSAC Projects

One important aspect of WOSSAC is the range of projects and activities that are conducted focussed upon the holdings in the collection. These pages seek to provide an overview of these projects.

Certain of these projects relate to improving and developing the means by which the archive holdings are referenced, accessed and inter-operated with other archives. Other projects relate to more fundamental research issues.

Research work to date in the WOSSAC archive has been centered around a strategy of 'repurposing' the enormous stocks of legacy information held. From a contemporary soil resources viewpoint this means the preparation of materials for ultimate use within an environmental information system. A progression has been followed as the illustration below shows.

WOSSAC workflow

The figure shows how successive stages can build on the solid foundation of 'making items safe', towards the development of an integrated natural resource information management system. Having collated, scanned and collected legacy materials from WOSSAC pertaining to soil and the natural environment, work now continues to put in place materials to support contemporary information system development to hold and manipulate these and other data, compliant with emergent international standards for soil data specifications, metadata and data discovery, web services and reporting tools supporting a broad range of application thematic areas. Again, these tasks are contingent on supportive funding becoming available.