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3D data

3D modelling of soil samples

Presenting soil monoliths in three dimensions

As well as the physical WOSSAC archive based at Cranfield University, WOSSAC has also started to investigate ways of recording and virtually distributing some of our soil samples via this website. Using extremely high precision 3D laser scanning hardware we are able to present a selection of our sample soil monoliths here for you to explore in three dimensions.

Click the play button on any of the windows below to start the 3D viewer for that soil sample. The sample will take a few seconds to load, you can then explore the sample in three dimensions using your left mouse button to rotate the model, your right mouse button to move the model around and your scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Users of touch screen devices can drag one finger on the screen to rotate the model, drag two fingers on the screen to move the model and use pinch-gestures to zoom in and out.


Shallow well drained calcareous silty soils over chalk. Mainly on moderately steep, sometimes very steep land. Deeper fine silty calcareous soils in coombes and dry valleys.
Full details available in our online Soils Guide


Slowly permeable seasonally waterlogged reddish fine and coarse loamy soils and similar soils with slight seasonal waterlogging. Some deep coarse loamy soils seasonally affected by groundwater.
Full details available in our online Soils Guide