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The WOSSAC Archive is based at Cranfield University, UK. The archive itself comprises many parts. We have the soil reports section, the soil maps and albums section, a soil books section, an aerial photography section, and a satellite imagery section.

We are constantly seeking the ways and means to improve and develop the WOSSAC facilities. Most significantly, the University recently undertook the move of the collection from the former Cranfield Silsoe campus to the main Cranfield campus. As part of this, the facilities provided have been greatly improved.

The WOSSAC Archive holds materials for some 281 countries and territories worldwide - some countries of which enjoy a better depth of coverage and representation than others. Statistics are provided here, providing the list of these countries and territories and the number of holdings. The map shown here portrays the global coverage of the WOSSAC holdings - countries represented are coloured in yellow.

WOSSAC holdings by territory