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Archive statistics

Statement of current catalogued entries

Statistical summary for the 27,100 current catalogued WOSSAC Archive Holdings, from 336 territories worldwide.
The earliest catalogued items is from 1664, the latest from 2016.
Note, only items recorded in archive catalogue are presented here, our collection contains a significant amount of materials still undergoing cataloguing; the process of entering further items into the database is an ongoing task. These statistics are generated dynamically from the WOSSAC databases.
Statistics are presented by: Date | Country | Scale

Summary of archive items shown by survey date

An interactive chart of the dates of all catalogued items

Summary of archive items shown by territory

See the catalogue item count for each of the 336 territories represented in the archive

Note, the country or territory name shown is that which was used at the time of the original survey.

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Note, country names may have changed since the survey - select options to view historic and current names. Both names are recorded for each item in the catalogue if you click through to the details page for each item following a search.


Summary of map item scales

See the scales of all catalogued maps

Note, other catalogued items had either maps with no recorded scale, or had no recorded map sheets.